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"There has always been a good jazz scene in Southampton. At present time it's very exciting due to the strength of the young musicians.One multi - talented player is Lizzy Bennie, she acquits herself to the highest levels with her vocals and sax playing. A real highlight is Lizzy playing Harp and vocalising as a very recent concert for Southampton Mencap proved . Both music and the rapport with the audience were very high indeed.

I feel I could book this young lady into any jazz or associated music situation, a great talent for now and a jazzy future!"

Andrew Iles, Chair and Bookings at Southampton Jazz Club.

"Thanks Lizzy for making the time to support our charity and play so beautifully at our wedding in Portsmouth on the 24th April 2017. The bride and groom were overwhelmed by your generosity as it was such an important part of their day." 

Patricia Harrison, Founder, Gift of a Wedding