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Thinking of proposing?

Popping that big question can be a daunting challenge for your nerves, it is made up up of waiting in a silence that may feel like an eternity. Whether you want to ask the big question at the beach or in your living room with your family members, fill the atmosphere with music to help set the ambience of the question that is to change the rest of your life.

Need help planning?

Lizzy can help you set out a precise plan for the proposal.

Timing is everything when it comes to proposing, we would discuss:


-Where to position the performance of the music at your chosen location (so not to give away the surprise).

-A selection of songs and their duration (incase of any delays) and in some cases those proposing may wish to sing a song with Lizzy accompanying on the harp as part of their proposal. If this is a request, then rehearsals may be needed prior to the event.

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