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Something old...

Lizzy's harp is a beautiful old instrument, it has had over 30 years of wonderful music played on it. It can become a fabulous addition to your photo album and add something a little special.


If you would like to stage a few photos with Lizzy's harp, then you are more than welcome to organise this with your photographer on the day. Lizzy can advise you on what positions work best with the harp and show you other photographers work for pose inspiration.

If there was a particular area within your wedding venue that you would like this taken, then this can be discussed on the day.

The best moment to aquire these photos should be scheduled for after Lizzy has finished performing, that way it can be taken before the harp is packed away.

...Something new...

Occasionally at weddings, there can be various background noises that may cut into your videographers audio. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding then noises from cars can carry across, or even crying children during the ceremony.


If problems like these occur on your special day, then Lizzy can record your aisle song to send to your videographer. As most aisle songs are just a short snippet of the songs, if requested Lizzy can record the entirety of your aisle song so that it could to be used on top of your video footage.

...Something borrowed...

Not only does Lizzy own a pedal harp, but she also has 2 smaller lap harps that she teaches on. They are the perfect size for children to play on (as well as those eager adults too!).

If you would like Lizzy to bring along her two lap harps for the children then that can be arranged.

It's not everyday a child gets the opportunity to play a harp and it makes wonderful photos and video memories for the families.


These smaller harps can be available at your wedding for after Lizzy has finished her performance.

Private home wedding

...Something blue

Like their music at weddings, a musician should be in the background. They should also blend in with the theme and ascetics of your wedding. Lizzy will happily match her attire to the colour scheme of your flowers or table dressings. It makes a lovely blend to your photos.

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