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Let's make music together

Instrumental Lessons:

Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument? Lizzy is a multi-instrumentalist with various qualification achieved throughout my music education and career.

 30 min lesson £16,  45 min lesson £23 and 1 hour £30

Lizzy is more than happy to travel for private lessons however depending on the distance it may affect the price.

Music lessons for children:

Here are just a few benefits that children will gain from learning an instrument:

- Helps children learn pattern recognition, in particular the repetition of scales and exercises.

- Theory helps widen their language vocab, a lot of description and directions are notated in Italian. In same cases you may cover German and French vocab within their lessons.

- Memorising motifs and exercises will benefit their performance within public speaking at school and higher education interviews. These are just only a few benefits from music lessons.

Music lessons for adults:

A lot of the parents booking instrumental lessons for children normally will be aiming for grades within music to add to their future extracurricular activities. However she understand that aiming for grades isn't to everyone's tastes or ambitions. In their first lesson they will discuss your reasons for wanting to learn a particular instrument.


From this, She can understand what sort of genre and style of playing you are interested in pursuing. she will design a lesson plan specifically for your targets that will help lead you into the style of playing you'd like to achieve.

Ensemble coaching and performance workshops:

If your big band or small ensembles would like help with your overall performance, then she is available for workshops. Lizzy will be looking into providing your ensemble with the knowledge of the composers intentions, looking into detail of the musicians performing in unison as well as the overall sound you produce as a package on stage.

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